Yvonne Valle

As a child living in New York City, Yvonne and her family experienced an unexpected relationship with a Sparrow that changed her life forever. For many years she wanted to write about the extraordinary ways life’s creatures communicate and appreciate a loving hand. This unique story portrays that you don’t have to be a human to experience life’s fears, hard knocks and joys of growing up!

After working many years in New York City, Yvonne and her husband David decided to move to West Florida. They had successful jobs and three beautiful children. They are members of Abundant Life Christian Center International where Yvonne and her family have contributed their time and efforts to this ministry for many years.

Me and My Sparrow

Me and My Sparrow

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In a high-rise apartment in New York City, there lived a young girl named Eve. Right above her window, there was a baby sparrow in his nest. Eve could always hear the baby sparrow chirping in the early mornings.

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