Grace Vanderbush

Jesus, art, and storytelling: three words that have defined the life of Grace Vanderbush. Homeschooled as a child, Grace was surrounded by her family who taught her about Jesus and the value of a good story. During the time spent listening to her family’s stories, Grace would draw, paint, and sculpt clay. The connection between stories and artwork became ever more apparent and she started looking for ways to tie her two passions together. Currently, she creates illustrations for authors, families, individuals, and businesses with the goal of designing imagery that reflects their own, personal God-given stories. She illustrates these custom pieces in her hometown of Canby, Minnesota, where she lives with her husband, Jordan, thriving in the community that raised her.

Me and My Sparrow

Me and My Sparrow

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In a high-rise apartment in New York City, there lived a young girl named Eve. Right above her window, there was a baby sparrow in his nest. Eve could always hear the baby sparrow chirping in the early mornings.

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