Marketing Packages


Whether you’ve just published your first book, or your fiftieth –that feeling of excitement, it never gets old. You have every right to be proud of yourself for completing your manuscript and publishing your book! Well done!

Now that you’re a published author you cannot stop there. It’s imperative for your book(s) to get out there, out into the world. You wrote your book because you believe in your book’s purpose. You know that your book has the power to help transform others. It has the power to give someone a good laugh, or encourage them to stand in the midst of whatever they’re facing.  But in order to reach your target market you will need to expand your boarders and make connections that will reach beyond your personal limits.

DiViNE Purpose Publishing Co. has just what you need to get started on your marketing journey. Our packages below are specifically designed to help indie authors such as yourself. Contact us today to create a marketing plan for your specific need!