LaShawn Dobbs

About LaShawn Dobbs

LaShawn Dobbs is a survivor of over twenty-two years of abuse. Her passion is to share the heart of the Father with those who feel trapped by the triggers and effects of trauma and abuse. 

LaShawn is an author, artist, business owner, and speaker. She is passionate about calling purpose forth in the lives of God’s children and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven released into the earth. 

LaShawn is committed to family. She is a wife, mother of three, and γιαγιά (pronounced giagiá, which is Greek for “grandma”). She is a mix of many heritages, including African-American, Greek, and Native American. And just as many nations run in her blood as one, in the family of God, she is a minister of reconciliation and has the heart of a spiritual mother. LaShawn runs with the good news in her commission as a scribe and author, bringing a message of hope, healing, and unity to the Body of Christ.

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