Creative Team

LaShawn Dobbs, Publisher

LaShawn Dobbs, she is passionate about calling purpose forth in the lives of authors and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven released on the earth through literature. Through DPP and partnerships with other Kingdom businesses and organizations, LaShawn desires to provide authors with the resources and tools they need to publish in excellence and reach their intended audience. Her goal is to restore integrity in the publishing industry by creating a family—a community of honesty, honor, respect, integrity, and encouragement for DPP’s authors, freelancers, and employees.

What drives LaShawn inside of the office is much the same as what drives her outside of the office; LaShawn is committed to family. She is a wife, mother of three, and γιαγιά (pronounced giagiá, which is Greek for “grandma”). She is a mix of many heritages, including African-American, Greek, and Native American. And just as many nations run in her blood as one, in the family of God, she is a minister of reconciliation and has the heart of a spiritual mother. Like DPP’s authors, LaShawn runs with the good news in her commission as a scribe and author, bringing a message of healing and unity to the Body of Christ. She shares divine inspiration on her blog and is DPP’s first published author. 

Elisa Eaton, Creative Consultant

Elisa Eaton is a writer, editor, graphic designer, and creative consultant. Through Living Colors & Expressions, Elisa and her team provide award-winning graphic design, editing, and creative coaching services. They assist and equip entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, writers, and other artisans from all walks of life. 

In addition to her work through Living Colors & Expressions, Elisa is a longtime blogger and prophetic artist. She has always viewed life through the lens of a writer and artist. She considers herself to be a “creative activist” and is passionate about stirring up the gift of creativity in others.

Meghan Williams, Prophetic Artist

Meghan Williams is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries, which includes Dyed4you Art. Her passion is hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. Through the use of digitally-created prophetic art pieces, prophetic words, and silks, Meghan helps to draw others deeper into the heart of the Father. She mentors the Dyed4you team members, helping them to cultivate a practice of scribing through intimacy and deep listening.

In addition to creating prophetic art pieces for use by DiViNE Purpose Publishing authors, she is a DPP author herself; and her book, Daily Downloads from Heaven, features one of her art pieces. She is also a prolific blogger, who shares scripture meditations, faith walk encouragement, and spiritual downloads in a variety of forms. She has an M.A. in Media Communications and a Ph.D. in Information Systems. In her previous careers, she worked both in academia and a corporate environment. 

Brad Smith, 2D Illustrator

I am a 2D Artist living just outside the LA area. I have a wife, Kristina, who I’ve been married to for 7 years and a 2 year old son named Oliver (Ollie). I’m a comic nerd and I’m passionate about raising the level of quality in Christian illustrations. I illustrated a book called Jesus: God With Us and I have a sticker pack published on iTunes called Everyday People.

My tools of choice are an iPad Pro / Apple Pencil or a Mac / Wacom Cintiq. I have extensive knowledge using Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe software.

To view Brad’s online portfolio visit his website at

Grace Vanderbush, Illustrator

Jesus, art, and storytelling: three words that have defined the life of Grace Vanderbush. Homeschooled as a child, Grace was surrounded by her family who taught her about Jesus and the value of a good story. During the time spent listening to her family’s stories, Grace would draw, paint, and sculpt clay.  The connection between stories and artwork became ever more apparent, and she started looking for ways to tie her two passions together.

Currently, she creates illustrations for authors, families, individuals, and businesses with the goal of designing imagery that reflects their own, personal God-given stories.  She illustrates these custom pieces in her hometown of Canby, Minnesota, where she lives with her husband, Jordan, thriving in the community that raised her.

Justin Ehrman, Audio/Video

Justin Ehrman is blessed to be a husband, father, and grandfather. Being raised in the Christian faith amidst an arts-rich community, he was inspired to become a storyteller; spending years as a worship music leader and composer, and more recently, a children’s book author with Diving Purpose Publishing Kids. Justin and his family feel fortunate to call the rolling plains of South Dakota home. 

Strengthened by a background in creative storytelling through music and video, Justin joins the DPP team offering audio and video editing services. His gifts allow DPP to offer book trailers, audio and video books, and other digital media.