Dieudonné Gakire

About Dieudonné Gakire

Dieudonné Gakire is a Rwandan national born in 1991 in an extended family of two parents and eight siblings; his family direly depended on subsistence type of agriculture, in Ruhango District, Southern Province of Rwanda. When the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis started Gakire was two years and eight months old, dressed like a girl; due to the fact that boys were most hunted for, his 11years old Sister with no option carried Gakire on her back, walking while hiding during day and night under extensively rainfall trying to reach Kabgayi [One of the towns in Southern Province of Rwanda] -The hope for survival point.

He is a highly motivated young professional whose initiative has driven him to write two books, A Dreaming Child: (A collection of the stories of young genocide survivors, a demographic now playing a vital role in national reconstruction) and A Gift to the World: (A collection of motivational poems, parables and nonfictional short stories intended to convey moral lessons and to promote a spirit of humanity) and to publish a newsletter on global affairs, Urungano Rushya: (A newsletter on global affairs published for schoolmates at the Groupe Scolaire APECAS de Muyunzwe). With a strong commitment to social responsibility generally and the struggle against genocide ideology, in particular, Gakire–himself a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi–once served as the head of a students association for genocide survivors and continues to speak publicly to encourage Rwanda’s youth to seek innovative solutions to the problems of development and reconciliation. 

Gakire’s stories in his book have been widely published by different organizations including United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a Korean magazine called Global Briefings which has signed an agreement with him to translate his book into the Korean language to be sold in South Korea, and many more. His story has been so touching to many readers worldwide. He has met and is still meeting different people of different backgrounds and categories just to inspire and motivate them, and learn from them hence impacting the lives of many.

A Dreaming Child is currently available on Amazon Kindle, paperback is coming soon!