Prayer & Partnership

We believe in partnering with God. We pray His will and purpose for DPP as well as each author He sends to publish with us. We are here to help walk you through your publishing experience and beyond. When you come aboard with DPP, you are working with a team of professionals who care about you and your family, as we do our own. We pray with you and over the work God has called you to produce for His glory. We are here to help you produce the vision God has given you.​​

We all have made a choice at one time or another only to find out later–it was not the right decision. Prayer is the key! We invite God to lead us regarding the authors we work with.  We desire you to carry out the will of God for your life. If DPP is not God’s choice for you, we pray that God will direct you where He has purposed for you to publish. We encourage you to do the same, pray. Committing to the right publishing house is imperative to carry out God’s vision for your book.