Coming to America

About Coming to America

The Coming to America book is a collection of unique memoirs which depicted the journey of Latino teens who arrived in America with hopes, dreams, and uncertainties in their particular and distinct young voices. In March 2020, Coming to America published its first-ever bilingual edition.


Coming to America is dedicated to all students who like us moved and will move to Florida and other United States cities, states and communities during the next few years. There are many situations and experiences in the lives of the new Florida settlers, but the before, during and after journey of all of them have influenced their lives forever. At first, there were many questions and challenges, and still there are quite a few indeed. Time and resilience have helped them adjust and become part of the new wave of successful people who have called the United States their home. Right after World War II, a great movement of immigrants moved to cities such as New York, Chicago, Newark, Hartford and other major cities mostly in the Eastern area of the United States, but the migration wave has shifted towards Central Florida, and these stories are still yet untold.

This educational program is ongoing and in progress because the relocation cycle is still in its initial stages. Sociologists predicted the great exodus from the Caribbean, Central and South America to Florida, but no one anticipated the terrifying effects of Hurricane Maria, and more than 100, 000 plus Puerto Ricans who relocated to Orange and Osceola Counties at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Increased political instability in Venezuela and earthquakes in Puerto Rico have once more opened the door for a new migration boom in 2020. The stories of these families must be shared and told for future generations to come.

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