Setting Goals

Have you set a weekly writing goal for the month? If so, have you accomplished your goal this week?

Setting a goal will keep you on track with completing your manuscript. Set your goal at a mark that’s attainable for you. If you work full time, it would be pretty difficult to fulfill a writing goal for 20+ hours a week. Continue reading “Setting Goals”

Our Commitment

Recently while being prayerful about changes for DPP in 2018. The scripture in Colossians 3:23 continued to appear. I felt Holy Spirit blowing on this scripture as the one to use as DPP’s commitment to our authors. Truthfully, I struggled with it. I placed it on the website and then I took it down.

Please hear me out. I desire to be transparent because I believe this truth will help those who have previously been hurt, misled and abused by a publisher. Continue reading “Our Commitment”