Company Bio

September of 2012, I, LaShawn received a call from the hospital I worked at the past 6+ years, my position as supervisor had been discontinued due to a merger with a local hospital.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis

​A few days after receiving that call my husband encouraged me to begin writing the book the Lord spoke to me about several years prior. Being stubborn, I came up with every reason why I could not accomplish this task. Thank God my stubbornness did not stop him. Daily, Marc would ask if I started my book and each day I would think of another excuse. One day I finally became tired of him asking. I had the attitude, “I’ll show him! Today when he calls from work asking about that book I will be able to say I started writing.” I went to my computer, asked God to lead me and I begin typing. When he called from work from that day forward I was able to say I was writing.

As time passed, I was concerned about publishing rates. Marc’s advice was, “Don’t worry about publishing right now, just get the book finished.” His words were the exact words Papa God spoke to me.

​On another occasion while thinking about how I would publish, Papa spoke, He let me know I would publish my book completely free. I didn’t know how it would get done, but I knew I could trust His words. As time passed I contacted another self-publishing house, this time the person on the other end of the phone seemed a little frustrated. I felt as if the words he spoke were meant to discourage me, yet I hung up the phone with a new fire. It was actually the fuel I needed to finish my book. Once ‘Broken But Now I AM Healed was complete, God let me know that I was the one He wanted to use to publish my book. He walked me through the whole process. On October 16, 2013 ‘Broken But Now I AM Healed’ was published completely free. God then spoke these words to me, “I am giving you a publishing company. The name of the company is divine purpose publishing. The two i’s in DiViNE are to be lowercase to serve as a reminder to always go low, remain humble.

The word DiViNE is also a reminder to stay connected to The Vine (DiViNE), Jesus Christ as in John 15.

On that day God spoke those words to me, He gave me His heart regarding the gifts that have been laying dormant inside of His children. He placed a passion in me to see those who are unknown, but well known by their Papa (God) come forth.

God has called forth DiViNE Purpose Publishing (DPP) for such a time as this. To help thrust you forward into your God given assignment as a published author. It is your time!

“It is beautiful how God has done everything at the right time”… ‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:11‬ ‭GW‬‬